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To bring each business, shop, the seller in Pakistan toward online shopping platform while delivering them with essential services and provisions through wiping out the requirement of a website for their business. Moreover, E Anarkali is focused on providing an ease of purchase, comprehensive customer care, and hassle-free shopping.

Our Vision

Our target is to be the most desired and reliable e-commerce platform in Pakistan, which has all the business activities run around it with billions of transactions a day.


History of Beginning

E Anarkali is the white label website that offers an online overview for local businesses in Pakistan and in the dairy (domiciliary) industries. And Anarkali aims to provide a complete and secure online shopping experience across Pakistan with verified suppliers and the most secure delivery so far, while ensuring maximum flexibility to its suppliers and customers.

History of the Company

A Project By OpooleTech Pvt Ltd .The website was founded in 2018 by co-founder Faizan Aslam.Alone we can do little, so together with the highly motivated and talented team we work on the common mission and make it possible E-Anarkali online shopping site similar to with a marketplace and retail & Wholesale items for sale on its platform.E-Anarkali offers unique and mouldable features for its users to provide ease of use while being a white label, which means that E Anarkali retains the identity of companies to grow under their own also launching operations in UAE and Uk.

Services: E-commerce; (online shopping)

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What can we do for you ?

We offer 24×7 customer support for our global Store

E-Anarkali Provide Best Quality Products To our Customer

Get ☛ Fast & Guaranteed Same or Next Day Delivery ☚ across select cities in Pakistan

Our Customer is Our Asset.